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Kiss All The Boys

Kiss All The Boys is a hard yaoi blog. I mostly post manga/doujin caps as well as other things! ♥

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Oct 9 '14
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Oct 8 '14

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Oct 6 '14




Sep 29 '14


【腐】DMMdらくがき | うみと 
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Sep 9 '14
Sep 9 '14
Sep 5 '14

Anonymous asked:

could you help me with the installation of Otomeido@Cafe? OTL I've never installed an .xp3 file and when I tried looking for a way to do that nothing came up ;_;

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to bother with the .xp3 file. The way I installed it was just opening up the application called ‘otomaid’ and it should open the game and install it on your computer. If you’re still having problems let me know. ^^

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Aug 20 '14
Aug 15 '14
Aug 14 '14