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Kiss All The Boys

Kiss All The Boys is a hard yaoi blog. I mostly post manga/doujin caps as well as other things! ♥

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Jul 6 '14
Jul 5 '14
Jul 5 '14


Original artist: shambit

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Jul 4 '14

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Jul 4 '14
Jul 4 '14
Jul 4 '14


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Jul 4 '14

sincerelykaotik replied to your post: I wanted to know what my BL collection…

Would it be too much to ask for a full list? If they are good enough to buy then Id like to look into them c:

I’ll try to write up a full list of the English ones with brief descriptions in the next couple days. ^^

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Jul 4 '14

I wanted to know what my BL collection looked like all laid out as of right now since I don’t have much room and am forced to put all of my manga in boxes… (Also I kinda wanted to show off *cough*) Also, Kuroko decided to photobomb, rofl.

So this is all my yaoi manga/doujinshi/anthologies! (click for bigger pictures~) This was more than I thought I had… Haha. And even then I want to keep expanding my collection more and more! \( ´ ω ` )ノ It’s always fun to get new BL manga, or any manga in general, so in the coming years I hope to keep collecting what I love.

Jul 4 '14