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Kiss All The Boys is a hard yaoi blog. I mostly post manga/doujin caps as well as other things! ♥

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welcometothe666 asked:

Im playing Otomaid Cafe right now and it seems interesting, I just want to know something whether the seiyuus are girls or boys?

The seiyuus are definitely women, I could tell from the moment they started talking. Honestly, I figured they would be since Otomeido technically isn’t a BL game and is made with a male audience who like traps in mind, so they probably wouldn’t like it if the seiyuus were guys.

If that turns off anyone from wanting to play the game, there is an option to mute the voices, but I’m guessing if you’re a big fan of traps that’s something you won’t mind. I knew the protagonist in Enzai, Guys, was voiced by a woman and that irritated me for a while, hah. But in this game I kind of expected it so I don’t really mind, except for the fact that the seiyuus seem like they put effort into sounding as un-masculine as possible.

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