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Kiss All The Boys

Kiss All The Boys is a hard yaoi blog. I mostly post manga/doujin caps as well as other things! ♥

Please read FAQ or go through the asks tag if you are curious about anything, and if you still can't find your answer I will be more than happy to give you one. ^^

Feel free to message me any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.!

Please do not remove artist credits from posts, they work very hard and are nice enough to post them on the internet for all of us to enjoy!

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Apr 11 '14
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Apr 10 '14


DISCLAIMER: We do not own Si Nis Kanto or are affiliated with Ands in any way. We are working on an English language patch to be added to the official version of the game in order for it to reach English speakers. The patch will be distributed for free and we will not profit with anything related with this project.

Our team’s first translation project - Si-Nis-Kanto -Shijou no Sora- (vndb/opening video/official website) by Ands is on the way! 

We can’t wait to bring you this game in English and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did. 

Follow our blog for updates and announcements about the patch, as well as some other translated goods. 

Ands is a new company, so show your support by purchasing their game and checking out their adorable merchandise on the official website. 

Updates on the progress of the patch will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience and support, we hope you’re excited to play Si Nis Kanto in English!

Apr 6 '14

from 日向受四十八手 by ザキコ [sdr2 spoilers, dubcon/noncon, blood, shotacon in link]


from 日向受四十八手 by ザキコ [sdr2 spoilers, dubcon/noncon, blood, shotacon in link]

Mar 29 '14
Mar 27 '14
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Mar 25 '14
Mar 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

Were you the owner of the YouTube channel of the same name? Do you know what happened and if there's a second or alternate?

This is the only account I own that goes by kissalltheboys, so unfortunately I don’t know anything about the youtube channel with the same name.

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Mar 23 '14